T.I.P. History

From the Head of Institute
In the first batch, there were 10 student undergoing instruction in paints, pigments and varnishes. Prof. R.P.Sabnis was the first head of institute. The building, which houses the workshop, “Liladhar Topan-Nagji”, named after the donor, was inaugurated on 22nd Dec, 1938. The institute was subsequently recognized for purposed of inspection and examination by the Dept. of Industries, Bombay Presidency.

With the emergence of new Era in 1947 after independence, the govt. considered favorably the claims of the technical institute for more grants and annual grants of about 30% was increased to 50% of admissible expenditure.

The silver jubilee function was held on 10th March 1963, When the then director of technical education, M.S. Prof. G.V.Sapre. Presided. Prof. M.D.Bhatwadekar was head of the institute. Prof Sapre also inaugurated the new building of the institute built out of the Govt. grant and financial help from D.E.Society. The two year course in paint technology was revised from time to time and presently it is known as ‘Diploma Course in Surface Coating Technology’. It consists of 6-semesters. With a view to make it more jobs oriented, it is conducted on sandwich pattern. Semester IIIrd and Semester VIth being reserved for in plant training. The students are placed for training in various paint and allied industries as well as in engineering industries having paint shop. Our students are well received by the industry. Some of our students have achieved senior position not in India but in abroad as well, some of them have started their own units and they are doing exceptionally well.

The institute is equipped with paint processing work-shop, laboratories for conducting practical and small library with good collection of books in the field of Surface Coating Technology. It also subscribe to some of the periodical on the subject. The institute is managed by the managing committee consisting of equal representative of the Govt and the D.E. Society. The admissions to the course are made strictly as per admission rules prescribe by the Directorate of Technical Education, M.S. The examination is conducted by MSBTE.

Looking Back – Looking Ahead
In the Sliver jubilee year of the institute, the work of constructing an additional building was undertaking the first phase of which was completed in 1962 and second in 1969.

The year 1972 marked a very significant step forward. The course which was hitherto before confined o paints and varnishes was expanded to include the technology of printing inks and synthetic resins. Detailed study of technology of pigments and technology of Synthetic Resin was made integral part of new course which was appropriately called “SURFACE COATING TECHNOLOGY”