Paint Film Testing Services

Paint Film Testing Facilities @ TIP
TIP is well equipped with the testing facilities. We have a well qualified staff. We carry out tests on samples of paints. This works is undertaken at nominal charges as service to industry. Some of the tests carried out, as per specifications are:


  1. Finish
  2. Film Thickness
  3. Gloss
  4. Cross cut adhesion (tape test)
  5. Flexibility and adhesion
  6. Impact resistance
  7. Resistance to acids and alkali
  8. Resistance to water – Hot and Cold
  9. Resistance to heat
  10. Resistance to Salt-spray
  11. Corrosion resistance (Humidity chamber)
  12. Stripping test
  13. Pressure test
  14. Hardness-scratch hardness, Pencil Hardness
  15. Resistance to chemicals such as lubricating oil, gear oil, diesel, petrol, petroleum hydro-carbon solvent etc.