Career Opening

Paint Manufacturing
There are three sectors in this field – Large Scale, Medium Scale and the third is Small Scale Sector. Giants in the field such as Akzo Nobel, Asian Paints Ltd., Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd., Berger Paints Ltd., Shalimar Paints Ltd., ICI Paints Ltd., etc. offer good openings to the Surface Coating Technologists.

Automobile Industry
One can opt to work at an auto industry in their Paint Shop.

Furniture Manufacturers
A Surface Coating Technologist can seek employment in a Furniture manufacturing unit such as Godrej.

Allied Industries
Paint raw material and allied industries like Pigment / Extender / Resins / Additives Manufacturers etc.

Printing Ink Manufacturing Industries
As Supervisors or Chemists.

Electroplating Units
 In their Electroplating Shops – Electroplating Chemicals – Manufacturers / Suppliers.

Powder Coaters
and also Powder Manufacturers. There are excellent opportunities to start one's own Powder coating units.

As Painting Contractors
With rise in construction activity, this field also has provided good opportunities to work as Painting Contractors.

As Self Entrepreneur
With number of opportunities available for financial support from financial organizations, one such can start one's own opportunities manufacturing unit.

Opportunities for going abroad
A number of students have found good opportunities overseas

Opportunities for higher education such as B. Tech., M. Tech., in paints.