Paint Testing Services

Dry & Wet Paint Testing Facilities @ TIP
TIP is well equipped with the testing facilities. We have a well qualified staff. We carry out tests on samples of paints. This works is undertaken at nominal charges as service to industry. Some of the tests carried out, as per specifications are:


  1. Colour
  2. Consistency
  3. Fineness of grind – Hegman Gauge
  4. Weight per liter
  5. Paint Setting
  6. Drying Time
  7. Percent Solid
  8. Percent Pigmentation
  9. Zinc-chrome pigmentation
  10. Percent Zinc dust
  11. Pot Life
  12. Non-Volatile Matter (NVM)
  13. Calibration of Ford Cups
  14. Hiding Power Wet opacity in Sq.M/10 Ltrs. Spreading capacity, covering capacity.
  15. Viscosity – Ford Cup, B-4 Viscometer, Brook-field viscometer, Gardner Tube Viscometer, Falling Bar Viscometer.